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5 Easy Ways to be a Better Winter Driver

How to Drive Better in Winter

Police officers see it all in winter. Consider them experts in what to do (and not to do) to make the “shift into winter” and travel safely through the chilly season. Staff Sgt. Pat McTiernan is one such officer. He’s the Operations NCO for the North District Traffic Services (a division of the RCMP) out of Prince George. We recently talked to him to get some expert advice on how drivers can get ready for winter driving. It’s really not that difficult to prepare yourself and your vehicle for the snow, ice, freezing rain, fog (I could go on…) that pounds the province for months every year. We’ll let the Staff Sgt. take it from here… 1. Install Winter tires, winter tires, winter tires, winter tires (yes, all four of them!) Pat says: “The key is that people in the north are generally dealing with temperatures and conditions that...

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Behind the Scenes: Traffic Planning for Major Athletic Events


Picture 5,300 cyclists launching from Vancouver, to pedal 122 kilometres up the scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway to Whistler, in a few hours. Or, imagine more than 2,500 Ironman athletes cycling and running a total of 222 kilometres on Highway 99, around Whistler and Pemberton (after a 3.8-kilometre swim in Alta Lake). It’s easy to do – picturing it, not performing it! Photos and accounts of the grit, grime and guts it takes to do the annual RBC Whistler GranFondo and last year’s first-ever Subaru Ironman Canada Whistler tell the story. But have you wondered how the way is cleared for those epic events to happen? How do uber athletes compete free and safe from motor vehicles, spectators get breathtaking views, and diverted motor vehicles maintain their momentum? Pounds of Planning Well, like the athletes, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure does 2,000 pounds (a tonne) of preparation for major athletic...

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Can You Guess the #1 Cone Zone Violation?

cone zone 2

The Vancouver Police Department, RCMP and CVSE helped kick start the Cone Zone roadside worker safety awareness campaign by setting up undercover enforcement operations at work zones around the province last Monday (May 12). The #1 violation in Vancouver? Mobile phones. Of 30 violations caught by police at 500 West Georgia Street and 700 Richards Street, 27 were for distracted driving involving mobile phones. At the Burrard Street Bridge, 44 offences were ticketed, mostly involving mobile phones and speeding. “Some motorists/drivers are still not getting the message about the dangers of using an electronic device while driving,” says VPD Inspector Les Yeo. “It’s foolish and puts all road users at risk, including traffic controllers who are trying to get you to your destination safely.” To blend in with the work zones and get a more authentic view of drivers’ behaviours, some officers disguised themselves as road workers. While police...

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Evergreen Line Progress Means Pedestrian Crosswalk Changes


Head’s up Coquitlam walkers (and drivers)! There’s a new pedestrian crosswalk on the Barnet Highway (just after the Lougheed/Barnet intersection) as a result of continuing work on the Evergreen Rapid Transit Line. Sidewalk closures and detours will be implemented next to active construction sites on Pinetree Way between the Coquitlam transit exchange and Town Centre Boulevard for the safety of pedestrians. These closures and detours will be in place until the spring of 2015. What does this mean to you? It means that you need to be extra cautious as you use this stretch of road, because you might have to stop where you used to go. If you travel this route frequently, you might have conditioned yourself to the old traffic pattern, making you less prepared to stop at the new crossing. The BC RCMP are also out to enforce this area, so please pay attention. This is...

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CVSE Commercial Safety Roadcheck 2013

We call it a blitz. But instead of targeting the quarterback, we hone in on commercial vehicle infractions in an effort to keep truckers running safe and smooth. Our latest inspection blitz happened over three days on Highway 1 just west of Hope June 4-6. The ministry’s Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) squad teamed up with RCMP, WorksafeBC, Delta Police, New Westminster Police, Abbotsford Police, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. What does a safety inspection blitz look like? Well, we shot a video to give you a firsthand look. Check it out. The blitz was part of the annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Roadcheck initiative, which sees about 10,000 commercial vehicle inspectors set up road checks in approximately 1,500 locations across North America. The total number of commercial vehicles evaluated at the scale was 11,648, with 154 recorded as “out...

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5 Things to Learn from Watching Highway Thru Hell

Shift into Winter 1

Whether you’re an avid connoisseur of reality television, or simply an average BC driver intrigued by life on the road, you’re likely familiar with Discovery Channel’s latest series: Highway Thru Hell (cue flaming asphalt). The frosty Coquihalla and Fraser Canyon highways set the stage for this nail-biting glimpse into the challenges of travelling between Hope and Kamloops in winter conditions. And although you may expect the truckers to be the main players in this performance, it’s actually the unique talents (and personas) of the Jamie Davis Rescue Crew, based in Hope, that attract the spotlight. These heavy lifters look out for the stuck, snowed-in and overturned vehicles that need a lift out of the highways’ icy clutches.While showing what it takes to keep these BC Southern Interior highways open under extreme conditions, Highway Thru Hell also teaches some important lessons, not only to commercial truck drivers, but to everyone...

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1, 2, 3 Ways We’re Helping Cut Down on Wire Theft

Wire cutting in B.C.

Wire theft has been an increasing problem in recent years, as the price of copper has gone up. This kind of theft costs the people of B.C. millions of dollars a year, but most importantly, it impacts their safety. Wire thieves often target roadside lamps standards, usually around major bridges and interchanges. When the sun goes down, drivers can quickly find themselves in the dark, which can create a safety hazard. And it’s not just motorists who can get hurt by this criminal activity. These wires may carry dangerous levels of electricity and, ironically, a number of would-be-thieves have been injured or killed cutting the wrong wire. Thieves may leave live wires exposed; creating serious risk for everyone, so it’s smart to stay clear of any uncovered wires or downed cables. So what are we doing about the problem? A lot, as it turns out. In fact, we’re trying...

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You Are Now Entering the Cone Zone!


Where there are traffic cones, there are usually workers, equipment trenches or more. So, it is important to slow down and be alert to what’s happening around you – someone could be mere steps away. Thousands of people work roadside every day, including municipal workers, landscapers, traffic control personnel (TCP), tow truck drivers and road construction crews. There are also road maintenance teams, telecommunications and utility workers, and emergency and enforcement workers. Working on or beside the roads presents risks and traffic control devises are intended to help keep workers and motorists safe. In the last ten years, 386 WorkSafeBC claims were made by workers — typically working in areas marked with cones — who were struck by motor vehicles. This is why the Work Zone Safety Alliance has launched a “Cone Zone” campaign, encouraging motorists who come upon “Cone Zones” to reduce their speed, pay attention and be respectful...

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