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1, 2, 3 Ways We’re Helping Cut Down on Wire Theft

Wire cutting in B.C.

Wire theft has been an increasing problem in recent years, as the price of copper has gone up. This kind of theft costs the people of B.C. millions of dollars a year, but most importantly, it impacts their safety. Wire thieves often target roadside lamps standards, usually around major bridges and interchanges. When the sun goes down, drivers can quickly find themselves in the dark, which can create a safety hazard. And it’s not just motorists who can get hurt by this criminal activity. These wires may carry dangerous levels of electricity and, ironically, a number of would-be-thieves have been injured or killed cutting the wrong wire. Thieves may leave live wires exposed; creating serious risk for everyone, so it’s smart to stay clear of any uncovered wires or downed cables. So what are we doing about the problem? A lot, as it turns out. In fact, we’re trying...

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Sweeping Away Winter

Street sweeping

Making Way for Spring Spring cleaning isn’t just for home; we do it on our roads too! Over the past six months, winter abrasives have accumulated along the shoulders of our roads. We’re hoping winters done with us but there may yet be a few more weeks to come – depending on where you live. We are watching the weather and as soon as spring firmly takes hold, crews will be out sweeping away the reminder of how cold and long winter has been this year.  Expect to see sweepers on our provincial highways soon. Sweeping operations move at ~ 50km/h. As such, they can cover large distances and there may be significant gaps between the advanced warning signs and when you encounter the actual sweeper. They also typically straddle the right hand shoulder and lane. So stay alert for sweepers ahead, watch for the flashing lights on the top...

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