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Creative Distracted Driving Messages From Around the World

international videos

SPOILER ALERT – Distracted Driving is Really Dangerous. We took a look around the world and in our own backyard for some great videos reminding us of the dangers of distracted driving. Some are scary, some are hilarious, but all drive home the message that to do anything else but drive when you’re behind the wheel is dangerous for you and everyone else on the road. ICBC It doesn’t have to be long to get to the point. Here’s...

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Year One: What You Need to Know About Our Safety and Speed Report Card

In case you missed it, speed limits on certain stretches of BC highway changed following the Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review in 2014. It’s been more than a year since those new speed limits came in to effect.  To be sure those changes are keeping BC travellers safe, we’ve collected and closely reviewed one full year of speed and crash data for each section of highway where speed limits were increased. All the details of our post implementation...

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Are BC’s Distracted Driving Laws Tough Enough? Tell Us

bc consultation on driver safety

Should drivers caught texting face greater sanctions than those talking on a hand-held device? Should new drivers or repeat offenders face greater distracted driving penalties? Should sanctions such as prohibitions and vehicle impoundments be considered? RoadSafetyBC love to hear your thoughts on these questions and more around distracted driving penalties. Too lenient? Not high enough? The BC government is thinking about raising penalties for distracted driving and so want to hear from you. Starting today (June 16, 2015) until...

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Warning: If You’re a Distracted Driver, it’s Going to Cost You

New Penalties

Starting October 20th, 2014, changes to the Motor Vehicle Act regulations means an increase in driver penalty points (from 0 to 3) for those caught talking on a handheld device while driving. This new penalty also covers: watching a DVD, programming a phone’s GPS. operating hand-held audio players. The points will be combined with the $167 fine that already exists and makes it all now in line with the penalty currently given to drivers for texting. To get really...

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50 Ways to be Distracted – What Are Yours?

Think quickly now! What do the following 10 activities have in common? removing food crumbs from around your mouth, patting your puppy, eating a sloppy sandwich, trying to quiet scrapping kids, fumbling for an address, grooming facial hair, searching for sunglasses, grooving out to tunes, picking something out of your teeth and scanning a map. Getting the picture? Haven’t got it yet? Then here are 10 more… engaging in a heavy conversation, looking for stray or gray hairs in...

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