3 Types of Barriers You Will Find on BC Highways

March 11, 2016

Soaring mountains, rushing rivers and vast tracts of wilderness… Part of what makes British Columbia so beautiful is its dramatic landscapes. We want you to enjoy your travels through these amazing vistas, but our primary responsibility is to make sure you are safe along the way. One of the ways we do that is by using median and roadside barriers to stop you from leaving the roadway should an incident occur. There are three types of barriers used on...

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B.C. Highway and Traffic Cameras Join DriveBC under Open511

March 10, 2016
Open 511 Hwy Cam

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if it helps plan a safe journey. DriveBC, one of government’s most popular and valued services, lets commuters, truckers and vacationers in British Columbia see the road ahead with pictures from thousands of highway and traffic cameras. Whether moving goods or commuting to work, travelers want to see that their road is safe to drive. Seeing the road gives travelers the information and confidence they need to avoid delays or take...

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The New BC Highway Sign that’s Got People Talking Fender Benders

March 3, 2016
Fender Bender Sign

New highway signs rarely get much fanfare. Although extremely important for safety and navigation, they are just signs, after all. They’re not very exciting. In fact, there’s even a song about them, and it’s not all that flattering. But when the ministry installed new “FENDER BENDER” signs on Highway 91’s Alex Fraser Bridge recently, people seemed genuinely happy about it. Here are a few of the tweets we received: So, why are people so enthusiastic? If you drove the...

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BC Road Trip Time Machine: Lytton to Revelstoke, circa 1966

February 25, 2016
Three Valley Gap with Truck

You asked for this one and we are happy to deliver it. Step back in time with us as we travel BC Highway 1 from Lytton to Revelstoke, circa 1966. This super cool, historical photolog video captures one of the most important transportation routes in BC – the Trans-Canada Highway. It’s the primary east-west route through the province, a big part of our Pacific Gateway program and a vital link between British Columbia and the rest of Canada. We...

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How Maintenance Contractors Are Rescuers at the Ready

February 24, 2016
MC training

Ministry maintenance contractors spend a lot of time on the road in winter – but it’s not just about plowing and sanding. Should an unexpected avalanche cover an open highway, these workers are nearby and ready to help. Every year, our ministry avalanche technicians deliver search and rescue training to maintenance contractors who work on BC highways, located below some 1,388 avalanche paths. The training also includes: the contractor’s typical role of closing a route for avalanche control work...

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DON’T Do This: 5 Trucks CVSE Wants Off the Road

February 18, 2016
"Bush Fix"

The Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement branch (CVSE) is responsible for making sure BC highways never come anywhere close to becoming the Wild West. That means safeguarding travellers by educating the commercial transport industry and, when necessary, enforcing the National Safety Code, which is a set of national standards supported by provincial regulations. There are minimum safety standards carriers (i.e. the employers) and drivers must follow. The rules are clear; there’s even a useful online course to help carriers...

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Seismic Sensors & BC HighwayCams Team Up for Quake Safety

February 17, 2016
Dot Map sample

Question: What do some BC HighwayCams and seismic sensors have in common? Answer: A shared power source, a dedicated team of ministry staff and a great outcome to boot! That’s because our webcam crew and seismic engineers are teaming up to expand the BC Strong Motion Network by installing seismic sensors inside BC HighwayCam power boxes and using the power on hand to run them. These “tag team” sensors are part of a larger, provincial Strong Motion Network (SMN),...

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