How We Shift Into Winter

December 4, 2014
Winter prep

Every winter, we are very vocal about how important it is for drivers to equip themselves and their vehicles for winter. It’s not all talk; we also walk the walk (or, drive the drive?). To show how we prepare for winter, we asked our ministry staff in Prince George to guide us through the process of arranging fall maintenance for their fleet vehicles. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has about 500 fleet vehicles across British Columbia, and each...

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Our Transportation Partners: Who Does What in BC?

December 1, 2014

We’ve talked with you before about what the heck it is we do anyways – but lately we have begun to realize that there might be some confusion around what we don’t do; Or rather – where exactly we step out of the transportation picture and where our transportation partners, such as ICBC and Road SafetyBC, municipalities and the federal government step in and help you. Here’s a rundown of what those partners do, in a nutshell. 1. ICBC...

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Why Some BC Highway Webcams Can Go Down in Winter

November 27, 2014
Snow and cams

When Old Man Winter makes his reappearance across the province in the fall, it’s time to make the shift into winter. Did you know that some of our BC Highway Cams have to make the shift into winter too? It’s true. Many of our cams are close to local power sources, making it easier for them to transmit data in all kinds of weather. But some of our more remote cams don’t have power close by and rely on...

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You Asked, Minister Todd Stone Answered: BC on the Move Twitter Town Hall

November 18, 2014
todd stone town hall

It was a busy night here at Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure headquarters in Victoria for the BC on the Move Twitter Town Hall, hosted by Minister Todd Stone (Nov 17, 2014). With your help, we covered a lot of the issues that matter to you, and which will be taken into account during the development of the 10-year transportation plan. The #BContheMove tweets were flying fast and furious, so we’ve collected all of the minister’s responses to your...

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8 Whys for Regulating Commercial Ridesharing and Other Passenger Transportation

November 5, 2014

There has been a lot of discussion about commercial “ridesharing” companies like Uber and Lyft operating in some cities in North America. What does it all mean – and what’s at stake? But first of all what is commercial ridesharing? Commercial ridesharing is an arrangement where for profit, taxi-like services are provided by private drivers, using technology like smartphone apps. GPS is used to connect drivers with people seeking transportation, and payment is made online. The B.C. government regulates...

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Career Opportunity: Now’s Your Chance to Join CVSE

November 5, 2014
CVSE Inspection

*COMPETITION IS CLOSED* There are many ways to describe what it’s like to work for the ministry’s Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) branch. Experienced and aspiring vehicle safety officers and inspectors now have the chance to add their skills to CVSE’s province-wide effort to make British Columbia’s highways safer. We’re looking to fill positions in three job types: Area Vehicle Inspector Commercial Transport Enforcement Officer Carrier Safety Inspector Area Vehicle Inspector On the job: An Area Vehicle inspector...

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5 Easy Ways to be a Better Winter Driver

November 4, 2014
How to Drive Better in Winter

Police officers see it all in winter. Consider them experts in what to do (and not to do) to make the “shift into winter” and travel safely through the chilly season. Staff Sgt. Pat McTiernan is one such officer. He’s the Operations NCO for the North District Traffic Services (a division of the RCMP) out of Prince George. We recently talked to him to get some expert advice on how drivers can get ready for winter driving. It’s really...

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