9 Clues to Solving the Mystery of the Pilot Car

August 31, 2015
Pilot car with load 5.18 metres high and 4.27 metres wide.

You may have spotted pilot cars –  half ton pickups (typically) that escort trucks hauling gigantic loads like houses, bridge girders, windmill blades and parts of industrial plants. But did you know how they work (and how to work with them), as they help move over-size loads safely to their destination? Here’s an overview… Pilot cars guide you, the load and the load’s driver and you so that everyone gets to their destination safely. They work with and transport...

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Runaway Lanes and How to Prevent Brake Loss in Commercial Vehicles Explained

August 25, 2015
Runaway lane sign

If you’ve ever driven down a mountain pass in British Columbia, you’ve likely looked up in awe at an off ramp rising up, up, up into… well, apparently nowhere. As the signs state, that is a runaway lane. In other words, it’s the road less travelled that you do not want to have to take. But, if you ever find yourself out of control down a hill, it’s the road you will be more than relieved to see. BC’s...

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Why We Use Wildlife Overpasses on BC Highways

August 19, 2015
Bear and cub overpass

Wild animals love British Columbia. Of course they do – it’s varied terrain makes it a haven for beasts and creatures of all shapes and sizes. Both small and large species, from the gigantic moose to the night-crawling raccoon, pose potential hazards for drivers, and vise versa. A large animal can make a serious impact, while a smaller animal can startle a driver into swerving and losing control of their vehicle. It’s our job to prevent animals and drivers...

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Worker Safety: What If YOUR Office Was Beside a Road?

August 12, 2015
Roadside Worker Safety is NOT a Game of Cones

Many of us work in an office setting. It’s quiet and climate controlled. Paper cuts and sitting too much are the biggest hazards. But imagine your office was actually beside a city street or provincial highway. Quite the contrast, eh? Suddenly, your safety is not fully in your control. In many respects, getting home safely is in the hands of drivers passing by – perhaps some in a rush to get to their offices. WorkSafeBC brings this contrast to...

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BC Road Trip Time Machine: Cruising Highway 97 from PG to Dawson Creek

August 11, 2015
PG 66 snip

Hop aboard the latest episode of our 1966 road trip series – Highway 97 from Prince George to Dawson Creek. It’s a long ride, so we have broken it into three segments for you to view: from Prince George to Parsnip River Bridge, from Parsnip River Bridge to Chetwynd and from Chetwynd to Dawson Creek. If you’ve been riding along with us, you may have already toured the southern stretch of BC Highway 97, from the U.S. Border to...

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What it Takes to Keep 300,000 People Safe During a Special Event

August 6, 2015
Kathie Haidon

If you’ve been to a special event in Surrey, chances are Kathie Haidon was on scene making sure it was running smoothly. Kathie is the City of Surrey’s Traffic Management Coordinator and Special Events Traffic Management Coordinator. Yes, that’s long title, but only because it’s a big job. Last year, the City of Surrey hosted 186 special events, 142 of which required traffic control. The city’s biggest event – the Vaisakhi Parade in April – attracted more than 300,000...

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Culvert Maintenance Responsibilities on BC Highways: Your Questions Answered

August 4, 2015

Do you own property along a BC highway? If you do, you might have some questions about culverts and culvert maintenance. You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are constructing a new driveway that requires a culvert, or you have a pre-existing culvert that needs replacing or maintenance, here is what you need to know in order to keep your culvert and road access clear. What you Need for a New Culvert If there is an existing ditch...

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