Shift into Winter Message Sweetened for Skeena Motorists

December 4, 2013

Candies and cool freebies were delivered along with Shift into Winter safety information, to drivers at two safety checks, near Terrace on a recent Saturday. The candy sweetened the message to motorists, on Highway 16 east of town, and Highway 37 between Terrace and Kitimat, that winter is a time to be extra prepared and drive with care. Motorists received a DriveBC vehicle garbage bag full of information about how to prepare themselves and their vehicles for winter conditions,...

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Getting up to Speed on the Safety and Speed Review

December 2, 2013
Speed Pic

By now you may have heard of the public consultation about speed limits in British Columbia. What you may not have heard, though, is that these consultation sessions have been expanded to include more than just speed. Now being called the Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review, the consultation sessions are now underway, and they’re looking for public feedback on a range of safety-related topics. Do you have opinions on any of the following? Speed Limits Wildlife Winter Tires...

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Winter Driving on the Wet Coast of BC: Tips for Travelling in Rain and Fog

November 27, 2013

We have talked a lot lately about driving in winter conditions and for the most part when we say winter conditions, we mean snow and ice. But for a large percentage of British Columbians (those who live on the wet, west coast of the province) winter driving means water, water, fog and more water. So we wanted to put together some tips to help you stay on track when things get wet out there. “The Wipers on the Car...

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Building the Evergreen Line: One Piece at a Time

November 16, 2013
Building the Evergreen Line: One Piece at a Time

Bit by bit and piece by piece, the Evergreen Line is starting to take shape. The construction of a new SkyTrain takes time and includes moving utilities, reconfiguring roads, building at-grade and elevated guideways, tunnels, stations, and installing train operating systems. Oftentimes this work unfolds behind the scenes, but recently a number of important “bits and pieces” for the Evergreen Line have taken the stage front and centre and we wanted to share them with you. Without further ado,...

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Why Would a Highwaycam Go Down during a Traffic Incident?

November 15, 2013
Transmission Delayed

We receive a lot of questions about our highwaycams. We’ve talked about some of the more popular ones in You Asked: The Top Five DriveBC WebCam Questions. But lately there’s been another question that’s come up: why do highwaycams go down when there’s been a traffic incident nearby? Just to be clear, highway cams don’t always go down when there’s been an incident, and if they do, you can be sure we’re working to get them back up and...

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Saluting a Century of Usk’s Skeena River Ferrymen

November 7, 2013
Usk 3

The Usk ferry recently celebrated a century of service, and while the watercraft was recognized, long-time area residents say it’s the ferryman they will never forget. Usk (pronounced like “tusk” – without the “t”) sprang up 16 kilometres east of Terrace after the end of the riverboat era and the completion of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad in the early 1900s. Forestry, minerals and agricultural land drew people to the remote spot and sawmills were opened to serve mining...

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Take the Shift Into Winter Test, Win New Treads

November 1, 2013
Watch Out Daddy

Are you prepared for winter? And, by that, I mean fully prepared? Getting ready for the wintry months ahead requires a significant shift in vehicle, mind and soul. Well, maybe just those first two. Point is, properly equipping your vehicle is just as important as possessing the necessary winter driving skills to safely handle changing road conditions. If you think you’re already prepared, great… Prove it! Take the Winter Driving Safety Alliance five-question multiple choice quiz and be entered...

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