Have you Heard of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)?

September 5, 2013

Webcams, changeable message signs, weather stations, counter-flow lanes…. Any idea what these things have in common? If you guessed that they’re all Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) …nice! We’re also willing to bet you work in the transportation field, because the truth is, it’s not something that gets a lot of attention these days. Until now. So, what is ITS you ask? It’s the application of advanced and emerging technologies (computers, electronic sensors and communication devices) in transportation to save...

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Plan Your Route – Your Road Trip Buddy for All Seasons

August 31, 2013

Planning your last B.C. road adventure for the summer season? Well, DriveBC has a helper to guide you through your Labour Day weekend travels and throughout the entire year. Whether you’re travelling from Ladner to Whistler or Stewart to Cranbrook, DriveBC’s Plan Your Route feature is with you for the long haul. Plan Your Route answers most typical road travel questions. For example, How much longer ’til we get there?…Why are we stopped?…Should I pack a raincoat?… All you...

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Warning: Read Before Driving Resource Roads

August 30, 2013

Sometimes the roads less travelled can take you to some pretty spectacular spots. If you’re into hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or fancy yourself any kind of outdoor enthusiast, chances are you’ve braced yourself while navigating a resource road of some kind. Resource roads (also known as logging, forest service, mineral exploration etc. roads) provide access to remote places beyond our highways. They are not built to highway standards. Like the name suggests, they were created for industrial purposes, but...

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Micro Surfacing the Malahat: Up Close and Personal

August 29, 2013
Micro Surfacing the Malahat: Up Close and Personal

During the Malahat Safety Improvements project we have had some questions about the process we used to pave the corridor. It is called Micro Surfacing and we asked Project Manager Darren Englund to tell us a little bit more about it, so that we, in turn, could bring you up to speed on the subject. TranBC: Hi Darren, could you tell us what Micro Surfacing is? Darren: Micro Surfacing is a cold-mix paving system that begins as a mixture...

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Behind the Scenes with 6 Cone Zone Workers

August 27, 2013

We often urge people to respect roadside work zones (also known as Cone Zones), especially when summer highway construction season ramps up. But as much as we support worker safety, it’s the workers themselves who have the strongest messages to share. They’re the ones who have experienced what can happen when drivers lose focus. They’ve been injured, or know a colleague who has. They have the firsthand stories to tell – powerful perspectives on what it’s like to have...

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A Cheat Sheet for BC Provincial Rest Areas

August 22, 2013
BC Rest Area Map

One of the best ways to see BC is by hitting the road. (Who doesn’t love yelling “Road Trip!”?) I remember moving from Smithers to Merritt, packing up all my belongings and hitting the Highway 16, turning right down Highway 97 until I drove into the Thompson-Nicola area. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous in mid-August, with some great stops along the way, but the breaks that really made the trip worthwhile were the rest areas. Whether you’re travelling for...

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How Speed Limits are Set in BC: The Ultimate Guide

August 20, 2013
speed limits on BC Highways

Discussions around speed limits in British Columbia accelerate every once in a while. Some people want to see higher limits, some want lower limits, and others like them just the way they are. You might even have chimed in yourself – whether through social media, a letter to an editor, or simply chatting with friends and colleagues. The conversation certainly gets rolling on the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Twitter and Facebook channels, which compelled us to help bring...

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