How to Make a Transit Bus Jump

November 27, 2012
How to Make a Transit Bus Jump

Some people are accustomed to “jumping on the bus” – another way to say climbing aboard. But how does something as heavy as a transit bus jump ahead of traffic at a busy intersection? And why would it want to? The reason for jumping ahead of other vehicles is that it helps buses (and transit riders) stay on schedule, and we’ve got a hand in making it happen. It begins with analysis by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s...

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Bridging the Week: Remembering, Consulting and some Santa

November 24, 2012
Highway 99 consultation

Probably a much more of a cerebral news round up blog this week as we cover project consultations and remembrance of those we’ve lost to road incidents. It’s also the first sign of the holidays coming (don’t think about the number of shopping days left. Don’t do it. Sorry, you probably just did) as the 16th year of the Santa Train is being announced. There’s lots to cover. Remembering Crash Victims November 21st was National Day of Remembrance for...

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Now Showing: New BC HighwayCams

November 23, 2012
DriveBC view of Highway 3 at Princeton

A few months ago we did a Tell TranBC survey asking where you’d like to see more BC HighwayCams. We received more than 730 responses and captured the highlights of your suggestions in a blog. Many of your suggestions were identified as “coming soon” and this week we are happy to announce that we recently added eight new cams to our repertoire, a couple of which you might recognize. Sunday Summit, just South of Princeton on Highway 3 (above)has...

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Remember: Driving is a Serious Responsibility

November 21, 2012

re·mem·brance (ri-mem-‘br-ens) n. 1. a. The act or process of remembering. b. The state of being remembered: By definition it can mean many things. Remembering your grocery bags before you go in the store, remembering to signal before you change lanes, even remembering the fallen heroes of war on Remembrance Day; but we are talking about another kind of remembrance today, because today is the National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims in Canada – a day set...

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Bridging the Week: Port Mann Closes, Long Live the Port Mann

November 17, 2012
Union Bay

Winter is settling in across the province but that didn’t stop transportation news from breaking. Here is your weekly summary of the highlights. Out with the Old and in with the New If you live in the Lower Mainland, the big transportation news this week was all about the new Port Mann Bridge with the announcement that the new bridge would be open to Westbound traffic on Saturday, November 17th (that’s today). Eastbound traffic began using the new bridge...

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Shift into Winter: A Cautionary Tale

November 16, 2012
Car off the Road

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” -Pablo Picasso I’m pretty sure Picasso didn’t have me in mind when he came up with that line, but the phrase took on a whole new meaning as I huddled in my car, watching the windblown snow fall sideways across the windshield like a final curtain. I was never that great in art history class, either, so the mere fact that the famous painter was...

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Happy Birthday Lions Gate Bridge!

November 14, 2012

Today we’re celebrating the opening of the Lions Gate Bridge, which provided drivers their first chance to travel over Burrard Inlet between the City of Vancouver and the North Shore back in 1938. The bridge was originally built and operated by the Guinness family (of Guinness Beer fame) and A. J. T. Taylor, a local businessman, under the name First Narrows Bridge Company Limited. They collected a 25 cent toll from drivers to help pay for the bridge. It...

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