DriveBC Turns 10! A History of Travellers Information Communication in BC

October 13, 2015
Celebrating DriveBC 10 Year Anniversary Canva

How do you get your road condition information? Email alerts? On Twitter @DriveBC? Watching BC HighwayCams? Before the internet, before television, heck – even before radio, British Columbians have been exploring this beautiful province in their cars; and ever since those cars started rolling out and about – highway travellers have been looking for information on road conditions. That is where our journey to communicate road condition information began and it continues to this very day – the safety...

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Winter: the Good, the Bad, and the Driving Safely

October 5, 2015
Drive to Conditions

  There are several good things about winter… Hockey Toques Hot chocolate Tobogganing The scent of wood smoke But there are also several bad things about winter, and some of them have to do with driving. Black ice Dead batteries Reduced visibility Sudden weather changes Slush… cold, nasty slush… and the list goes on Whether it’s driving for work or shuttling the kids to early morning hockey practice, knowledge is power when it comes to reducing your risk of...

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10 Tips to Sharing the Road Safely with Transport Trucks

October 1, 2015

Transport trucks play a big role in getting goods to markets across British Columbia. They’re also physically huge, heavy and behave much differently than you… While motorists travel on the same road as commercial transport vehicles, not all drivers are fully aware of who they are sharing the road with. Knowing the characteristics of large commercial vehicles, and how they operate, will help you stay safe on the road. The enormous size and weight of commercial vehicles mean they...

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Looking for Line Painting that Can Take a Pounding

September 25, 2015
Line Paint Testing

  Do line-marking paints exist that will survive our challenging climates? For the next year, we’re testing line-marking paints, to determine which best weather the tough conditions on BC’s highways. How long will each paint take the scouring of winter abrasives (aka crushed stone and gravel)? Will it stand up under the scraping of snow plow blades, what effect will heavy rain, snow or slush have, and how long will it be before the weight and friction of vehicles...

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Welcome to Fall in BC (as Seen on BC HighwayCams)

September 23, 2015
Peace View Rest Area

It’s official. Summer is gone and autumn is upon us. A quick look around our BC HighwayCams on DriveBC confirms it. What does the first day of fall look like in BC? It looks like gold at the Peace View Rest Area (above). Stay gold Peace View, stay gold… Fog has settled in at Wire Cache. Yes, that is snow at Heckman Summit in the Southern Interior. (Don’t sweat it – make the Shift into Winter now and you’ll...

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RAW Video: Pemberton Portage Road Mudslide

September 21, 2015
Pemberton Portage Road Mudslide

UPDATE Sept 24, 9 a.m.: The Pemberton Portage Road is now open to two lanes of traffic. Here is initial video footage of the mudslide that closed Pemberton Portage Road, 25 km north of Pemberton, on Sunday (Sept 20). As you can see, there is a lot of debris. About 200-300 metres of road is covered, and it’s between two and four metres deep. Three large BC Hydro transmission towers and a small distribution line, along with CN rail...

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Gorgeous View of a Safer Road 40 Near Lillooet

September 18, 2015
Road 40 Bridge Building

What a view! High above Bridge River, crews are putting the finishing touches on a new 17.5-metre-long, two-lane bridge to replace a deteriorating retaining wall on Road 40. The road is a crucial link between Lillooet and Gold Bridge, frequented by locals, tourists, commercial truck drivers and those from the forest and energy industries. Ministry staff shot this aerial footage of the work last month. The new bridge is expected to be open at the end of September 2015.

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