Road Maintenance

Updates and background on the work we do to maintain and rehab BC bridges and highways during the spring, summer and fall.

It’s National Road Safety Week – The Pothole Hunters

In our last pothole post, we talked about how potholes form, but what happens when we find a pothole that needs to be repaired? And with over 47,000 kilometres of road to look after, you can bet we find a lot of them! Depending on the pothole’s location, it may need to be filled within hours or days. For example, a pothole that is in the travel path on a main highway gets priority over those on the shoulder...

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National Road Safety Week – The Four R’s of Road Resurfacing: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repave

We all understand recycling is important. What many people don’t realize, however, is that we started doing it decades ago when we began recycling our roads. It’s a little more complicated than taking used household goods to the curb, but the principle is similar, and it allows us to reduce, reuse and be a little kinder to the environment. There are a number of different ways we can recycle our roads. One way is to take up the old...

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National Road Safety Week – Brushing, Keeping Our Highways Safe and Looking Good

It’s a matter of routine. You wake up in the morning, brush your hair and get ready for the day ahead. We do something similar, only on a much larger scale. But it’s not our hair we’re brushing, it’s our roadways. It happens every year around this time. As spring kicks in, trees and shrubs start growing, and if they’re left unchecked, they can quickly take over our roadsides. So we begin our annual routine of mowing, chopping and...

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Getting Down with Dust Suppression

Dust Control

People who don’t venture beyond the city limits may not see why dust control is such a big deal, but it makes all the difference for those who drive our gravel roads. And it’s not just for driver comfort, either. It also enhances safety, reduces maintenance costs and maintains the quality of life for rural residents by keeping the dust down in rural communities. Dust is a pretty big deal. When a gravel road becomes dusty, it starts to...

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The Problem of Perennial Pothole Patching


It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the potholes are starting to show. But what is it about this season that makes potholes so common? To answer that question, we need to know a bit more about our roads and how we build them. Our roads are built in layers, with a base of earth and gravel topped with asphalt, an excellent material for road surfaces. Not only is it recyclable,...

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TranBC vs. The Mountain

Rock Stabilization Program

B.C.’s mountains offer spectacular scenery, but they can also make building and maintaining our roads a lot more challenging. One of the reasons for this is rock fall. Rock fall occurs naturally and has many causes, including water pressure, ice jacking, tree roots growing in cracks, erosion and even animal activity. And while rock fall can occur any time, we generally see an increase between February and April when we get lots of rain and frequent cycles of freezing...

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Crack Sealing

Smoothing the Cracks of Age Water is a road’s worst enemy and crack sealing is our first defence against pavement deterioration. Each year we perform approximately 2 million lineal metres of crack sealing, enough to fill a crack between Vancouver, BC and Thunder Bay, ON. Crack sealing extends the life of pavement by preventing water from getting below the surface and causing damage. Liquid asphalt filler is applied in the spring to seal cracks that developed from winter wear...

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Sweeping Away Winter

Street sweeping

Making Way for Spring Spring cleaning isn’t just for home; we do it on our roads too! Over the past six months, winter abrasives have accumulated along the shoulders of our roads. We’re hoping winters done with us but there may yet be a few more weeks to come – depending on where you live. We are watching the weather and as soon as spring firmly takes hold, crews will be out sweeping away the reminder of how cold...

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The Tow Plow

A tow plow being pulled behind a plow truck

Clearing More Lanes If you’re driving in the Castlegar, Golden, or North Vancouver Island areas this winter, keep an eye out for the new tow plows being used by our maintenance contractor, Emcon Services. A tow plow is a trailer that attaches behind a traditional plow truck. The plow truck driver can angle the tow plow into the next lane, making it possible to clear two lanes in a single pass. While the trailer may look wide and difficult...

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