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A look at the ministry’s most popular website, DriveBC and the technology we use to keep you safe and moving. .

Five HighwayCam Views That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired


This winter you’ve been using our HighwayCams to check road conditions before you venture out. But did you know that those same cameras can help you explore the beauty of our province? Here are five HighwayCam views that deserve another look: Lions Gate Bridge The Lions Gate Bridge is a gateway to Vancouver, one of most desirable places to live in the world. This view could symbolize the appeal of living in a modern metropolis surrounded by awe-inspiring nature....

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Avalanche Closure Time Cut by Explosive Innovation

Electrical Innovation

The Kootenay Pass avalanche team wanted to shorten road closures due to avalanche control, because at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure our biggest drive is to keep people and goods moving efficiently and safely along BC highways. When the new avalanche explosion hardware and software were installed in 2015, BC became the first Gazex system user in the world, to not only suggest this change, but to incorporate new software successfully into an existing system.

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What is the RTMC and what makes it Cutting Edge?

What is the RTMC and what makes it Cutting Edge?

What is the Regional Transportation Management Centre (RTMC)? Well, for starters, think of it as the nerve centre for road/weather conditions and traffic information across BC. Based in Coquitlam, the RTMC is the hub for collecting transportation information and communicating it to the public, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your Eyes on the Road The RTMC is equipped with more than 200 live-streaming video feeds, and 600 cameras strategically located on highways across the province (you...

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B.C. Highway and Traffic Cameras Join DriveBC under Open511

Open 511 Hwy Cam

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if it helps plan a safe journey. DriveBC, one of government’s most popular and valued services, lets commuters, truckers and vacationers in British Columbia see the road ahead with pictures from thousands of highway and traffic cameras. Whether moving goods or commuting to work, travelers want to see that their road is safe to drive. Seeing the road gives travelers the information and confidence they need to avoid delays or take...

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What’s the Difference Between TranBC and DriveBC on Twitter?

TranBC and DriveBC on Twitter

Han Solo and Chewbacca…  Batman and Robin… Robin Hood and Little John… A dynamic duo is usually two things: United by a common goal or cause Made up of two distinctive personalities We at TranBC and DriveBC are not heroes. Nay, we are but men and women from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, united by the goal to give you the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions about travelling B.C. highways. Our approaches to tweeting...

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DriveBC Turns 10! A History of Travellers Information Communication in BC

Celebrating DriveBC 10 Year Anniversary Canva

How do you get your road condition information? Email alerts? On Twitter @DriveBC? Watching BC HighwayCams? Before the internet, before television, heck – even before radio, British Columbians have been exploring this beautiful province in their cars; and ever since those cars started rolling out and about – highway travellers have been looking for information on road conditions. That is where our journey to communicate road condition information began and it continues to this very day – the safety...

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Talk About an Information Highway – Open 511 meets DriveBC


BC highway condition and event information is wide open. Open511 that is. We are thrilled to announce that valuable highway information (or data) such as: road closures and construction work, is now available to you as Open511– DriveBC. What will you do with all this great data? We are excited to find out. What is Open511? Open511 stems from the open data movement, which is basically the idea that certain data should be available in a standard format for everyone...

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How Information is Updated on DriveBC and Why You Might Notice a Delay

How DriveBC is Updated

When it comes to resources for the travelling public to inform them what’s happening on our BC highways, DriveBC is pretty great. Whether it’s info on construction (current or planned), rock slides, avalanche, maintenance, special events, vehicle collisions, inland ferry delays, or updates on when our roads will open or services will resume …basically anything that could impact your travel plans is shared on the website. But how does the information go from “in the field” to on the...

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Ask Drive BC: Your Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions

Drive BC FAQs

If you drive BC, we want you to “know before you go” by making DriveBC a regular part of pre-trip planning. Whatever we can do to make using the traveller information system easier, we’re all for. That includes answering your questions. We noticed some common questions, so we thought it would be a good idea to put them together as a helpful resource. Got a question about DriveBC? Good chance you’ll find the answer here: Q: How do you...

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Why Some BC Highway Webcams Can Go Down in Winter

Snow and cams

When Old Man Winter makes his reappearance across the province in the fall, it’s time to make the shift into winter. Did you know that some of our BC Highway Cams have to make the shift into winter too? It’s true. Many of our cams are close to local power sources, making it easier for them to transmit data in all kinds of weather. But some of our more remote cams don’t have power close by and rely on...

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