BC on the Move Twitter Town Hall: Your Ferries Questions Answered

December 19, 2014
coastal inland

Continuing our series of blogs in follow up to November, 2014’s BC on the Move Twitter Townhall, we have grouped together your questions themes to better respond to them. Earlier we did one on cycling and this blog will focus on BC ferries, coastal and inland. Over to you… Question: @toddstonebc #BContheMove When was the business case made for all those ferry cuts and rate hikes? Looked at your tax revenue lately? — BI Ferry Fairness (@BIFerryFairness) November 18,...

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BC on the Move Twitter Town Hall: Your Cycling Questions Answered

December 16, 2014
10 Year Transportation Plan

We heard a lot of good ideas from you during the BC on the Move Twitter Town Hall that Minister Todd Stone hosted last month (Nov 2014) as part of 10-year transportation planning. We also received some really good...

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Driving Divided Freeways in BC: 7 Tips You Need to Know

December 11, 2014

There are many kinds of highways in BC: Rural highways, urban highways, primary highways, secondary highways, freeways and expressways just to name a few. Each type of highway serves a different purpose. For example, a freeway is a divided...

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ARAN – the “Flashy” Road Analyzing Tool

December 8, 2014
Aran Rocky Mtn

What has three colours of flashing lights and travels up to 80 kilometres an hour on B.C. highways while simultaneously gathering more than 10,000 measurements per second? It’s ARAN – the Automatic Road Analyzer! And if you were in...

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How We Shift Into Winter

December 4, 2014
Winter prep

Every winter, we are very vocal about how important it is for drivers to equip themselves and their vehicles for winter. It’s not all talk; we also walk the walk (or, drive the drive?). To show how we prepare...

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Our Transportation Partners: Who Does What in BC?

December 1, 2014

We’ve talked with you before about what the heck it is we do anyways – but lately we have begun to realize that there might be some confusion around what we don’t do; Or rather – where exactly we...

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