Behind the Scenes: BC Wildlife, Trucks Saved from Collision

July 27, 2016
Wildlife Detection System

Now that the two Wildlife Detection Systems on Highway 3 have been operating for about three months, we thought you’d be interested is seeing some of the thermal camera footage we’ve captured showing the system safely guiding interactions between vehicles and animals. How do these thermal cameras work? They create images based on heat radiating from animals and objects such as vehicles. There are nine thermal cameras set up in each wildlife detection corridor, and they work in conjunction...

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Helpful Safety Advice for Sailing with Inland Ferries

July 18, 2016
Lifejacket Safety - wider pic

You may have crossed Upper Arrow Lake on our newest ferry, the M.V. Columbia, or witnessed river power at work on the Lytton Reaction Ferry, all the while marvelling at the beauty of BC’s waterways and natural surrounds… But...

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What it’s Like to be a Landscaper in the Cone Zone

July 14, 2016
Cone Zone Landscaping

When most people think of those who work roadside in Cone Zones, they think construction workers and the flaggers taking care of traffic control. But there’s a long list of other workers whose safety depends on drivers being safe...

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How to Share the Road Safely with Horseback Riders

July 6, 2016
How to Share the Road Safely with Horseback Riders

You may see them travelling alongside or on a road… graceful, finely tuned four-legged vehicles with a person mounted on top…  They may be travelling from one farm to another, en route to a trail, or the road itself...

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Challenging BC’s Best of the Best Vehicle Inspectors

July 4, 2016
CVSE Inspectors' Challenge

The hustle. The sweat. The pressure to be the best… Commercial vehicle inspectors put their safety sense to the test at the 2016 CVSE Inspectors’ Challenge in Victoria, BC, June 13-17, 2016. The annual competition places seven CVSE inspectors...

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The One Way You Should Drive this Long Weekend

June 30, 2016
Happy BC Day!

  What better way to enjoy the long weekend than getting on the highway and enjoying our provincial back yard? So much to see. So much to do. But, with that extra day comes extra traffic, and in warmer...

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Year One: What You Need to Know About Our Safety and Speed Report Card

June 28, 2016
Safety Speed Graphic

In case you missed it, speed limits on certain stretches of BC highway changed following the Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review in 2014. It’s been more than a year since those new speed limits came in to effect. ...

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