The Return of the Garbage Gobbler to BC Highways

July 31, 2015
Garbage Gobbler

Do you remember the Garbage Gobbler? Created in the 1950s and placed across the province in B.C. Parks and at points along BC highways in order to “Keep Beautiful British Columbia, Clean and Beautiful,” Garbage Gobblers were a truly cool piece of transportation history. Sadly, Garbage Gobblers proved to be as popular with bears as they were with people and eventually they had to be replaced in favour of bear proof cans (which were not as artsy, but much...

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How You are Changing Signs on the South Fraser Perimeter Road

July 30, 2015
SFPR Eastbound

The South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) is a new major provincial highway, and building it triggered travel pattern changes. Many of the original signs show local street names to help drivers with navigating the new highway and side road...

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What You Don’t Know About BC Cherries and China

July 28, 2015

Big numbers of BC cherries are being popped into the mouths of fruit-lovers in China, after travelling along the Pacific Gateway’s transportation routes. Since 2004, the amount of cherries shipped to countries like China has grown an astonishing 193%....

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How to Prevent Vehicle Fires While Travelling on BC Highways

July 21, 2015
car fire

We’ve noticed more vehicle fires on BC highways lately – especially heading up mountain passes such as the Coquihalla. That’s the bad news. The good news is most fires can be prevented with adequate maintenance on your car, truck...

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How Information is Updated on DriveBC and Why You Might Notice a Delay

July 17, 2015
How DriveBC is Updated

When it comes to resources for the travelling public to inform them what’s happening on our BC highways, DriveBC is pretty great. Whether it’s info on construction (current or planned), rock slides, avalanche, maintenance, special events, vehicle collisions, inland...

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Behind the Scenes: Monster Trucking for Wildlife Safety

July 15, 2015
crawler entering culvert

Most jobs discourage playing with toys. But when it comes to maintaining the many amphibian crossings on Vancouver Island, only a mini monster truck will do. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure modified a remote controlled truck to inspect...

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What the RCMP Wants You to Know About the Slow Down Move Over Law

July 7, 2015
Slow Down Move Over Enforcement

The BC RCMP recently confirmed the Slow Down Move Over rule is being ignored by many drivers. A series of near misses and collisions with roadside vehicles happened over the last few months. In response, RCMP Traffic Services members...

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