How Adopt a Highway Volunteers Are Armed for Weeds War

May 26, 2016
Tackling Invasive Species

We’re battling invasive plants along BC highways, and we’re enlisting Adopt a Highway volunteers to keep these unwelcome intruders from capturing more territory. Adopt a Highway volunteers are our allies in the attack; because they’re on the ground on assigned sections of BC highways. To arm them for managing invasive weeds, we’ve got a new video showing how to spot, report and remove invasive weeds. The pulling weeds part is optional, but for groups that want to jump in...

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Coquihalla Construction Crews: “A Story for Every Kilometre”

May 25, 2016

It took more than 10,000 people 20 months of continuous work to open Phase 1 of the Coquihalla, on May 16, 1986. Many of the men and women who worked on this historic project have moved on to new...

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Roadside Worker Safety: How Do You Look at It?

May 19, 2016
2 Types of Worksites

People find laws easier to follow when they understand the point, or value, of them. After surveying drivers about roadside worker safety as part of the annual Cone Zone campaign, which runs May to August, we were reminded how...

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Construction of the Coquihalla: Still Amazing After 30 Years

May 16, 2016
30th Anniversary Coquihalla Construction-1

It was the most ambitious highway project in the province’s history. It’s the most heavily travelled route in all of British Columbia. From top to bottom, motorists can experience every single type of weather condition known to man. With...

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How New Maintenance Contracts Will Make Highways Better

May 9, 2016
MC Snow

Since the privatization of highway maintenance in BC, we’ve governed the level of service required from our contractors through our Maintenance Contract Agreements.  However, in the 27 years since highway maintenance was privatized, there have been substantial changes both...

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Why Moving a Bridge is a Shift in the Right Direction

May 5, 2016
Ft Nelson River Bridge

Sometimes moving to something new means moving something older – but not too far. That’s the case with the single-lane Fort Nelson River Bridge, which we moved about 10.5 metres in mid-April, to allow for a new two-lane bridge...

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What You Need to Know about Seasonal Load Restrictions

May 2, 2016
What You Need to Know about Seasonal Load Restrictions

There’s been a lot of buzz about seasonal load restrictions lately. No wonder – it’s spring! So, we thought the best way to address some of the weighty details and clarify myths is by chatting with one of our...

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