Three Ways We are Working to Protect BC Highways from Climate Change

July 2, 2015
BC climate change protection

It’s no secret. Extreme weather is on the rise as a result of global climate change. What impacts will climate change have on our transportation infrastructure? Expect an increase in dramatic weather events like: coastal storm surges, extreme precipitation events and an increase in higher than normal temperatures. Across BC, there are thousands of bridges allowing motorists to travel over our many lakes, rivers and streams. Our roadways also have countless culverts to pass water safely and prevent flood...

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How You Can Protect a New Mother on BC Highways

June 26, 2015
Alyssa and Alice

Alyssa Ursel is one of the many people whose job is to safeguard fellow roadside workers by guiding drivers through highway work zones, or “Cone Zones.” She is a flagger, also known as a traffic control person. She is...

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6 Types of BC Bridges Identified

June 23, 2015
Dry Gulch 1

According to the dictionary, a bridge is: “a structure carrying a road, path, railroad or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad or other obstacle”. That’s a basic and accurate description of a bridge to be sure, but here...

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Are BC’s Distracted Driving Laws Tough Enough? Tell Us

June 16, 2015
bc consultation on driver safety

Should drivers caught texting face greater sanctions than those talking on a hand-held device? Should new drivers or repeat offenders face greater distracted driving penalties? Should sanctions such as prohibitions and vehicle impoundments be considered? RoadSafetyBC love to hear...

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Keep Right, Let Others Pass Law is Now Official on BC Highways

June 15, 2015
Installing Keep Right

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck behind a slow moving vehicle travelling in the left lane of a BC highway, we have some good news for you. What’s happening? British Columbia has a new law requiring motorists to keep...

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Ask Drive BC: Your Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions

June 11, 2015
Drive BC FAQs

If you drive BC, we want you to “know before you go” by making DriveBC a regular part of pre-trip planning. Whatever we can do to make using the traveller information system easier, we’re all for. That includes answering...

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Road Trip Time Machine: BC Highway 97 – U.S. Border to Vernon, circa 1966

June 5, 2015
BC Highway road trip

As some of you already know, we’ve been digging deep into storage and digitizing 16mm photolog footage from 1966 to give you our BC Road Trip Time Machine video series. (“Photologs” were created to capture road condition information across...

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