9 Reasons to Watch for Wildlife on Westside Road and Beyond

January 22, 2015
Bighorn Sheep in Okanagan

One of our ministry staff was driving along Westside Road near Kelowna recently and got a bit of a wildlife surprise. Nine bighorn sheep were gathered at the edge of the road, overlooking the lake! Have a look yourself: Did you know? Keeping an eye out for wildlife on the highway while you’re driving can prevent hazards to you both. And to help you in your travels, we’ve compiled some handy tips on how you can treat all of...

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Lose the Cruise Control in Winter

January 15, 2015
driving safety tip

When it comes to winter driving, cruise control can make you lose control, wherever you are in B.C. Snow, ice, slush, deep pools of water and even oil on water are slippery. These winter conditions plus snowfall, fog, rain...

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Apply to be a 2015 EIT or TELP Before February 4, 2015 Deadline

January 12, 2015
Hearing from our engineers and technicians

It’s ON! Again! The Engineer-in-Training Program (EIT) and Technician-Entry-Level Program (TELP) recruitment has begun again for 2015. We are hiring for multiple positions in each program, in various locations right across the province. And follow those links below. They lead to a...

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Winter Driving: How Not to Need a Tow Truck

January 9, 2015
winter driving

A roadside expert generously shared his knowledge with us recently, to help drivers #ShiftintoWinter, and keep everyone safer on B.C.’s roads. Larry Styba rescues vehicles as part of his job as a tow truck operator, trainer and public relations...

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How You Can Help Kelowna’s RapidBus Stay on Schedule

January 7, 2015

Whether you drive or use the RapidBus service in Kelowna, we have some important news for you (and a fresh Kelowna HOV website). Based on monitoring and public feedback, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is turning the city’s...

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One Change to Slow Down and Move Over Rule Improves Safety

January 2, 2015
New traffic legislation in BC

Slow Down and Move Over. Pretty straight forward rule to follow but we’ve made it even simpler to keep roadside workers safer. In a nutshell: if you see any vehicle flashing red, blue or yellow lights on a BC highway,...

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Separating Skiers and Roads – Our First-Ever Ski Underpass

December 30, 2014
Ski Underpass

Creating concrete structures for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and even animals to flow over, under or around roads is a speciality of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. And, now we’ve built a new kind of underpass for traffic that...

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