Driving in Circles is Fun (When You Know How to Do it Right)

August 24, 2016
Driving in Circles is Fun (When You Know How to Do it Right)

Roundabouts are successfully used all over the world, by millions of people every day; however, the appearance of roundabouts in our province over the last ten years has given rise to countless questions on how to use them properly. Because our goal here at TranBC is to help you understand the why and the how of transportation in British Columbia, we reviewed your most frequently asked roundabout questions and collected the best answers. In a multi-lane roundabout which lane...

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Seven Ways to Safely Wrap Up Your Summer on the Road

August 18, 2016
sunny highway

As the warm weather continues but the summer months start running out…there is still time to get out and enjoy our beautiful province. But we want you to do it safely. Whether by motorcycle, boat, RV, car, truck or...

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Watch and Learn How to Drive Safely in the Cone Zone

August 15, 2016
Watch for roadside workers

Slow down near roadside workers. Pay attention to construction signs and traffic controllers. Respect the cone zone. We encourage all of the above. But what exactly does it all look like? Well, see for yourself in this video –...

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12 Practical Steps to Repairing Flood Damage in the South Peace

August 11, 2016
Highway 29S at Zonnebeke Creek, south of the John Hart Highway, in June.

We’re working as hard as we can to repair roads in the South Peace region, after major flooding in mid-June 2016 damaged more than 300 sites. Restoring roads takes some or all of 12 steps.

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1966 Time Machine Videos Take Exciting New Trips

August 8, 2016
Road Trip Time Machine

When we firsted started putting together the BC Road Trip Time Machine series, we thought they’d be interesting to share and a cool way to look back at our beautiful province 50 years ago. We’ve traveled from Duncan to...

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Tell Us How to Make BC Transportation Better

August 5, 2016
2016 customer service

Customer service is a major part of what we do at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. From maintaining highways to handling development approvals, our goal is to provide the best service we can. Of course, there’s always room...

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Behind the Scenes: BC Wildlife, Trucks Saved from Collision

July 27, 2016
Wildlife Detection System

Now that the two Wildlife Detection Systems on Highway 3 have been operating for about three months, we thought you’d be interested is seeing some of the thermal camera footage we’ve captured showing the system safely guiding interactions between...

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